life, as of now

I have so much good in my life. But even with so much goodness going on and my days being full of things I choose to do, life gets pretty crazy sometimes. And after this week when deadlines are met, then maybe I can feel just slightly more free. As for now being sick when I absolutely cannot take a break and put things off any longer... it kind of stinks. a lot.

And with that said here is the exciting news. I am officially applying to the photo program at UVU on thursdays. This means only 40 more hours until one of the most important moments that will determine the rest of my life happens. I'm trying not to be scared about it, but the truth is... that it is scary. Someone will be judging me, to decide if I'm good enough. And that is scary.

Since I have to have a website for my photography up and running as part of my application, husband has been working hard and is being my gardian angel and has built me a professional site to be proud of. I'll share it when the finishing touches are complete. For now you just get to see a couple of my older images caught on film ;)

wish me luck this week.

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  1. Cait, I just wrote about these exact same insecurities on my yellow spool blog yesterday. Putting yourself out there is seriously freaky, but your work rocks.

    Also, I read this today and thought it was a good reminder: