The first of Feb.

In the first month of 2014 I found a new love, and a way to enjoy the snowy outdoors. I've always been a warm weather lover and have long enjoyed the out doors, but never found a way to really enjoy the winter snow, besides taking pictures that is. With an invite from my parents and an interest in snowshoeing I went my first time 4 weeks ago, and um I've already been back twice. I guess that explains the part where I say I love it so So SO much. I like it best after a fresh snow and all the branches on the trees have a thick layer of snow on them, I love it when the snow is glittering in the sun and it looks like crystals line the forest, I love that it has become a family activity, and most of all I'm grateful for another way to enjoy the outdoors, especially the cold winter months with out the anxiety of getting off the ski lift in time or falling so hard I loose my breath. 
Which brings up embarrassing memories of my epic fall on a snowboard I had in high school, I might have to share that one some time ;) 
So I'm here to say if you live in a place with lots of snow and you haven't tried this yet, well you should. And try to go after a fresh snow fall, or better yet while it is snowing! And just a pre-warning if you are anything like me, you'll probably want to bring you camera.
 Most Adoringly, 

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  1. I went snow shoeing once! It is pretty fantastic and your photos look so inviting!!