The updated news is that I got accepted into the Photography program at UVU, it's definitely a relief to know for sure that I'm in and to have the whole application process over with. Now it seems that their is an end in sight for school, and no more "what if's".

In related news I have been realizing lately an unexpected joy that photography brings my way. 
In general I would say I am a more quiet person, I am content to be in small groups of people, in high school I sometimes would stay home on the weekend just because I didn't want to go out, I could and still sometimes do spend most of the day indoors working by myself, and for the most part I don't like loud noise.

I wouldn't call myself anti-social, but I can be shy. Which is why I think it odd that I have chosen the professions I have. Let's talk about this for a moment. I'm a cosmetologist, all day when I'm at work I am meeting new people, I am talking to clients, and I am the one who carries on the conversations and is asking the questions for the most part. In hair school this was really hard for me, I would get nervous when I had a client booked, I wasn't nervous about doing the hair, that I knew I was capable of, but I was afraid if talking. What do I say to these people I know absolutely know nothing about and that come from all walks of life?

Well I soon realized it was so exciting to meet new people, learn about them and their lives, and to be friends with people I wouldn't have got the opportunity to otherwise. And I'll be honest, there are still those few clients that I don't have much in common with, but still we can have a nice conversation and have respect for each other.

So my tangent brings me to this. Photography does the same for me. I could have chosen to photograph anything in the world, and what I find myself most intrigued with is people. Not even people I know. I go up to random people and ask them if I can take their photo. Yes, Mom. Did you hear that?
This is coming from the girl who could NOT for the life of me call in and order food. This comes from the girl who could NOT order her own food at Cafe Rio because it made me nervous that I couldn't understand them.
 True Story.

Photography enables me to connect and meet people I never would have had the opportunity to otherwise. And today I share photos with you of Kate, who I probably would have never met if it wasn't for photography. I met Kate through Zoe, who I met because she had awesome pink hair and I asked to photograph her. 

You see photography lets me out of my shell, to see amazing things, and meet amazing people. 

Most Adoringly,

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  1. I feel the same way! In a way, carrying a camera around your neck seems a little like a "disguise" or costume: you are now a photographer, and the title makes you much less timid.
    These photos are so cool. Congratulations about getting into the program!