Thoughts unrelated to eggs... for the most part.

Lately more than ever it has become apparent to me how much a part of my life photography has become. During one of my first semesters of starting to take photo classes I remember hearing this quote...
If a day goes by without my doing something related to photography, it's as though I've neglected something essential to my existence, as though I had forgotten to wake up.” 
― Richard Avedon
... and I remember thinking... I can go a few days with out doing anything related to photography and I didn't find it odd, I just didn't relate to that quote exactly.
Oh how things have changed. I have become so attached (for lack of better words) to photography. I don't think I even have those non-photography related days anymore, and if I do they are most definitely rare.
Is it weird that I call my camera my baby?
Is it weird that I take my camera out to take pictures of eggs?
Some may say yes, but I would say most definitely not.
Most Adoringly,

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