Fan Flowers

A while back I had Spray Painted a few Martinelli's bottles, and wanted something flower like to put in them. So I decided this was my best option. And It's easy to do.

1. I used old sheet music, but you can use any paper you prefer. I cut the paper long ways and equally in half.
2. Then i folded it like an accordion or a fan in about 1/4 inch to 1 inch sections.
3. Since the paper was not long enough to make a whole flower I ended up glueing about 3 or 4 pieces together.
4. This is what it should look like once you have the pieces put together.
5. I like to put a glue dot in the middle and hold it shut until it dries so that the hole in the middle stays securely together and closed. (do this to both sides, I used hot glue)
6. Once it is together I dip the edges in 527 glue so that I can attach glitter.
7. Then I take a pile of glitter and dip the already glued edges in it so that it will stick.
8. For this specific project I wanted them to be flower like to I glued a very thin wooden stick on to the backside. (length is personal preference)
And last but not least the final outcome! So easy and So affordable.
This isn't the actual space they will be in since it's kind of crowded, but I haven't finished painting the shelf yet that I want to put them on ;)

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