Timp Hike

My Husband, Dad and I had been talking about wanting to hike Timp and we decided since we start school full time again next week this week would be our last chance this year to do it before snow came again.... 
Tow years ago I had hiked up to the saddle but never made it to the "shack" which is a little less than a mile further up (but the hardest and coldest part of the hike). Then last year my dad, two brothers and I attempted to hike it, we were close, but their was just too much snow and we had a bit of a hard time finding our way. 
I am happy to report that this time we had much more success and made it the whole way. If I was by myself I for sure would not have made it, but I had Husband their to encourage me and push me along. It was a great feeling when I made it to the top, I knew I had to do it because that means one more box is checked off of my list of "77 things to do before I die".

 Below is the view from the saddle.

 The four of us at the top by the shack.

The "shack"! for years my brother has been telling me about this place, and supposedly their use to to be a book to sign in, but it has since been replaced by a bible and the book has been hijacked, BUMMER, I wanted to sign the book!

I'm going to be honest, I was kind of a baby when It came to crossing the glaciers because I was afraid I would slip and slide down, so I used my dads walking stick and a couple of other hands to help me across.

For the most part I loved the hike. I think it was about two miles to long, my legs were dying at the end (of course it didn't help that I fell by tripping over a rock half a mile from the end). It was about a 14 mile hike and we did it in 7 1/2 (including half hour break at the top to eat and rest). It took us 4 hours up, and 3 hours down. I'd say thats pretty good, I was expecting it to take a few hours longer.

I'm not going to lie, my legs have been hurting pretty bad the last couple days since the hike.

what's the longest hike you've been on?
and where was it at?

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