Valentines Edition

As a child I often (if not always) got excited about special occasions and parties. I was the one who would be pre-packed for a sleepover party I knew I was going to a week prior to the actual events. I would lay out my "first day of school outfit" and have pre planed exactly what I would wear, and probable even how I would do my hair with that outfit. So naturally when Valentines day rolled around I was just flat out excited. I mean come on what elementary aged child doesn't get excited about secret love notes and getting a bunch of free candy? Apparently one year I told my parents that I was going to dress like a grown up the following day for the class valentines party, when they asked me what that meant, I told them that meant I was going to wear makeup. Over the years I may have lost a little bit of enthusiasm for this special one-of-a-kind day. Until a couple years ago when I found the love of my life.

Valentines day is just so much more exciting when you have someone special to spend it with.
And so this is the part where I talk about how much I love my husband, and how handsome he is, and how I never want to live without him. And lately more than ever I dislike long days being away from him when one or the other of us is at work of school. I thought I would get used to us not spending every day together after we got married and real life settled in, but I long for the time when we can spend a 
whole day together. I love it when those days come around.

This day is for all of us, so go spend it with someone special!

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  1. awe cait. you're cute. i love valentines. and husbands. they're so hott :)