It's CHRISTMAS at our house

I have to admit, for a while I thought "I don't know if I even want to bother getting the Christmas decorations out this year, since we will be gone for the week of Christmas". The one day when I was driving home from work one day I got so excited about Christmas and all into the Christmas spirit, and then BAM that night we did it. Husband and I got out the tree and our two boxes of Christmas decorations (I must say I am proud of us having two boxes of Christmas decorations since we have only been married two and a half years) out on some classic Christmas music and decorated our tree. It was a lovely evening and the most impressive part was when we were trying to decide which ornaments to put on the tree, my Husband decided to pick the a box of pink glass ornament balls. I am impressed that he didn't even think they were too girly. Thank you Husband for being so amazingly awesome :)
Don't worry all, this photo of me is not meant to be taken seriously. I jokingly took it after a photo shoot, I just real wanted to sit in Santa's chair to see what it felt like ;) & the "Merry & Bright" artwork on the top right has been my favorite Christmas DIY so far this year, because it is so simple to do, yet I love the way it looks. I got the DIY from my friend Sarah's Blog, go check it out!!!
 I still love my "Merry Christmas" banner I made last year, and my cute little stalking.
 We even added some pink to our tree this year!
 On the above right is my favorite new ornament of the year. He's just my favorite little elf!
 If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen a million of these deer, since I've been selling the for the last couple of months. Well I had to keep one for myself too! That was the whole point of making them in the first place, cause I wanted one so badly!
 And of course I can't help but have a matrushka doll ornament, my husband is Russian after all! 

I'm really enjoy this whole "Christmas" thing now that finals are over and done with. Now I seriously don't know what to do with myself since I have been so busy the last couple months with school and the two boutiques that I did last month. Hence the whole me blogging again!
~From our house to yours Merry Christmas!~

~Most Adoringly

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